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Today, we’re going to talk about two of the biggest marketing trends that are predicted to have prolific impact on business in 2019. These are voice search and video marketing.

Voice search and video marketing are redefining how businesses and consumers connect. I talk with Glenys Cox at Horse Chats about how horse businesses can use voice and video.

Q: What is voice search?

Voice search is exactly what the phrase suggests. Rather than typing your search query into Google and other search engines, you talk into your speakers. You can do this on your mobile device and on your desktop computer, as long as your speakers are connected. 

Marketers predict that we’re in the midst of a voice search revolution and it’s not hard to see why. We can all understand how much easier is to say what we want, rather than type it on a keyboard. Imagine typing “horse riding lessons Brisbane”. Now, imagine just saying it. Easy, right?

According to Google, 41% of adults and 55% of teenagers are using voice search daily. Voice search has grown a whopping 35 times since 2008. Twenty percent of all Google queries on mobile are voice searches. But, here’s an even more interesting stat.

According to Branded3, 25% of all Windows 10 desktop searches are now voice. That means more people are talking to their desktop computers, than typing on their keyboards. Why? Because we all love convenience. Faster searches equal faster answers.  

Q: Why should voice search matter to horse businesses? 

Voice searches are immensely different to keyboard searches. Voice searches change how people search, when people search and what they search for. All of these effect SEO, including how well your website ranks on Google and the specific searches your website appears in.    

Let’s break this down, so we understand it better…

1. First, voice searches change how people search: 

Voice searches are typically longer and more conversational. On a keyboard, you’d keep your search query short, like “women’s Ariat boots”. But, using your voice, you’ll use more natural, human language, like “Hey Google, where can I buy women’s Ariat boots?” 

2. Second, voice searches change when people search:

Due to the ease of voice search, Google reports that voice searches are becoming more popular in public places. Imagine you’re mucking out your horse’s stall at a show. How much easier is it pulling out your phone and talking to Google, than wiping off your hands to type?

3. Third, voice searches change what people search for:

We want answers to our questions and we want them now. Google is fast changing from a search engine to an answers engine. According to Google, less people are clicking on the blue hyperlinks on a search engine results page. Why? Because their answer is at the top, in the featured snippet.  

Let’s try this… “Hey Google, how tall is the tallest horse in the world?” 

Q: How can horse businesses embrace voice search?

Horse businesses need to start thinking about how their customers talk about their business, products and services. Most voice searches are submitted as questions. We want to find a solution to our problem, so we ask Google to answer our question.

The content on your website and the attributes of your on-page SEO need to target the three characteristics of voice search that we’ve discussed. They are:

1. How people search: Google Analytics and other voice search keyword tools will help you determine the words your customers are using to find products and services like yours. Use this more natural, human language on your website to propel your ranking position.

2. When people search: Google reports that “near me” searches have grown 130% year-on-year. Many voice searches are local searches, so claim your Google My Business listing and incorporate the keywords “near me” into your on-page SEO. 

3. What people search for: The true top spot on Google is no longer #1, but the featured snippet at the top of search engine results. A search engine optimised website, combined with a healthy My Google Listing full of positive reviews, will help you gain ground. 

Horse riders using a mobile phone

Your customers are increasingly on their mobile phones and voice search makes it easier than ever to search for your products and services.

Q: What is video marketing?

Video marketing, as the name suggests, is the use of video content to market your business, products and services. Since its first surge in popularity in 2016, video has continued to proliferate. Now, it’s not just considered a marketing tool, but a core marketing strategy.

According to Hubspot, above any other type of content, customers want to see more videos from brands. Moving beyond entertainment, videos are capable of driving conversion and retention. They are useful not only for marketers, but also for support teams to delight their customers. 

Here’s a few compelling stats about videos… Videos on landing pages increase conversion rates by 80 percent and the mere mention of the word “video” in email subject lines increases open rates by 19% and a 65% boost in click through rates. 

Hubspot also says 90% of customers are swayed by videos to buy.

Q: Why should video marketing matter to horse businesses?

In 2018, and now into 2019, a trend towards the authentic has emerged. As we discussed in last month’s blog, customers are compelled by the raw and the vulnerable. What does this mean, even for the smallest of businesses? Video marketing is now within your reach.

Customers prefer lower quality video that appears more authentic, over higher quality video that comes across as artificial. Now, every business can create video content using smartphones and other handheld devices to capture the hearts and minds of their customers.  

The return on investment of video marketing is rather extraordinary. Not only can videos generate measurable income when used strategically by marketing and sales teams, but they also build trust. And, if there’s one thing that comes before money, it’s building trust with your customers.

Let’s explore a few other benefits of video marketing:

  • Videos are an SEO goldmine. Youtube is the biggest search engine in the world, and it just happens to be owned by Google. They help you build backlinks to your website, gain likes and shares, and utilise the key SEO tactics to improve search engine ranking.
  • Videos continue to dominate on social media. Videos outperform every other type of content on social media platforms, like Facebook and Instagram. After watching a video, customers are 64-85% more likely to make a purchase. Want to sell more on social media? Choose Archer Creative.
  • Customers not only prefer to watch videos, over reading massive volumes of text, but videos help them retain information better. Only 10% of people will remember something they heard three days later, but the addition of imagery increases that figure to 65%.

Q: How can horse businesses embrace video marketing?

There are plenty of ways that horse businesses can use videos, without breaking their budgets. A few formats to trial are company videos, customer testimonial videos and how-to, or demo, videos. The key is to inject your brand’s personality and show customers who you are. 

Horse businesses experimenting with videos shouldn’t shy away from emotion or humour. These tactics can, in fact, be extremely effective at engaging customers. While animated videos are useful in certain settings, real human faces tend to perform better on the metrics that matter.

Videos can be used at every stage of the marketing and sales funnel:

  1. Attract: These videos are aimed at building brand awareness.
  2. Convert: These videos are about educating prospects on their problem.
  3. Close: These videos are about illustrating your product or service as the solution.
  4. Delight: These videos showcase customers and their positive experiences.

In the upper funnel stages one and two, monitor views and viewing length. These metrics indicate how effective your videos are grabbing and holding attention. In the lower funnel stages three and four, conversions and goal completions are the markers of your success. 

Looking for some outside support? Don’t wait for success, create it — with the experts in equine marketing, Archer Creative. To learn more about how we can help you exceed your growth goals, call us on 1300 077 126 or visit www.archercreative.net.au.

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